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Temple Connect is a leading platform and an initiative to connect the Global Hindu* Temples and offer its digital format of information to one and all for the benefit of the devotees

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Our Aim is to Document, Digitalise and Distribute this Devotional and Spiritual Wealth for the generations to know, explore and share

The Temples Eco System needs to be organised and empowered with the new age medias for the benefit of one and all , and this wealth of information needs to reach the seeking audience in the most crisp and concise format.

We are decoding the rich lineage and building the eco system in the Temples , its Management , the dependent ecosystem of pujari , pujan samaan samagri , karmakand , and many more elements involved in the Devotional Ecosystem.

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Temple Connect has been founded by Giresh Kulkarni in the year 2016 and has grown the journey further with the efficient Team Members with Domestic , National and International connects in more than 52 global locations

The key outline of Temple Connect is to be a strong aggregator in the Devotional & Spiritual space to bring the devotee closer to the roots of our rich heritage , culture , rituals and traditions with best of the experiences and learnings
Our expertise lies in sharing information about temples, their particular local details, knowledge about the divine deity, the important rituals and much more, to the various followers of Temple Connect from across the globe for free.
With our reach to over 4850 Temples in India and around 1865 Temples Internationally – our effort is to take over hundred thousand temples online with the help and support of the Temple Management , Government Authorities , Tourism Boards and Volunteers making this a reality

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