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Sree Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple – Unveil the Mystique of the Temple, Bengaluru in Karnataka – An ancient treasure nestled in the heart of the Garden City! Immerse yourself in the divine aura, witness historic rituals, & seek blessings from the revered deity. Discover the temple’s rich history, grand festivities, & cultural significance.

Step into a realm where spirituality meets grandeur – welcome to the mesmerizing Sree Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple in Bengaluru. Nestled in the vibrant heart of the city, this temple holds the secrets of glorious past. Delve into its fascinating history, where the tale of the Vysya community intertwines with divine devotion. Marvel at the exquisite architecture, adorned with ornate vimana gopurams and a majestic Maha Dwaram. As you traverse the sacred halls, witness the divine blessings bestowed upon countless devotees. From enchanting rituals and soul-stirring bhajans to the celestial presence of renowned spiritual leaders, this temple is a haven for seekers of inner peace. Join the illustrious list of dignitaries who have sought solace here, including Mahatma Gandhi himself. With each step, the air is imbued with a sense of reverence and holiness. Discover the vibrant festivities that ignite the temple grounds, where magnificent events like Maha Kumbahishekam and Vasavi Maha Mela leave an indelible mark. Uncover the religious significance of Matha Vasavi, whose divine grace has touched the lives of countless devotees. Be captivated by the intricate beauty of the murtis, meticulously sculpted to perfection. As you witness the daily rituals and partake in the abhisheka seva, feel the weight of your worries being lifted and find solace for your heart and soul. Open your heart to the enchantment that awaits within the sacred walls of Vasavi Temple – an immersive experience that promises to elevate your spiritual journey.


Nestled in the cultural haven of Malleswaram, Bengaluru, lies a hidden gem that beckons all who seek a divine sanctuary. Explore a neighborhood steeped in traditions and brimming with festivities. The Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple stands as a testament to the city’s rich heritage. Step into a world where ancient rituals and cultural celebrations intertwine, enveloping you in a tapestry of spiritual devotion. Allow the location to unfold its mysteries, drawing you deeper into its embrace. Let Malleswaram be your guide on a spiritual journey like no other, where every step leads you closer to an experience of profound enlightenment and awe-inspiring spirituality.

Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple - Where faith finds solace, miracles embrace.

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Religious Significance

This divine abode holds profound religious significance that transcends boundaries and touches the hearts of all who seek solace and blessings. The exquisite murti of Matha Vasavi, crafted with unparalleled beauty, radiates a divine energy that has the power to fulfill desires and bestow abundant grace upon devotees. The temple’s rituals and prayers, performed with utmost devotion, pave the way for transformative experiences and profound spiritual connections. It is believed that participating in the daily abhisheka seva, a ritualistic bathing of the deities, can bring solace to troubled minds, heal the body, and attract prosperity. The religious significance of this temple extends beyond its physical boundaries, resonating with the hearts of all who enter its hallowed grounds.

Temple Timings

Embark on a spiritual odyssey during the sacred hours of the day at the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple. As the sun begins to rise, the temple gates open, inviting you into a realm of divine bliss. From 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM, immerse yourself in the serenity of morning prayers and seek solace in the presence of the deity. But the journey doesn’t end there. As twilight paints the sky in vibrant hues, the temple doors welcome you once again from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Explore the enchanting beauty of the temple grounds under the soft glow of twilight, and let the evening rituals transport you to a realm of spiritual transcendence. These precious hours hold the key to unlocking a profound connection with the divine.

Rituals & Pujas

At the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple, a series of sacred rituals and ceremonies take place throughout the day, offering devotees an opportunity to immerse themselves in the divine presence.

The day begins with the ethereal Suprabatha Seva at 7:00 AM

8:30 – Vishesha Panchamrutha abhishekam to all deities and Rudrahishekam to Maha Shiva

9:00 AM – Alankaram Darshana

9:30 AM – Mahamangala aarathi Seva

5:00 PM – 7 :00 PM – Sangeetha seva / Bhajana Seva

7:30 PM – Harikatha / Pravachanam seva

8:00 PM – Unjal Seva / Prakarotsavam

8:30 Pm – Mahamangala Arathi seva

These rituals at the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple provide devotees with an opportunity to engage in acts of devotion, experience spiritual upliftment, and establish a deep connection with the divine. Each ceremony is imbued with sacredness and symbolism, enriching the spiritual journey of every worshipper.


In the year 1927, amidst the humble abodes of Vysya Community, the seeds of devotion were sown. It was during this time that the Malleswaram Arya Vysya Sangha (MAVS) was born, with only nine members in its fold who resided in Malleswaram. Driven by their unwavering faith, the members embarked on a noble mission to construct a temple that would serve as a beacon of spirituality and cultural preservation. Their endeavors bore fruit in 1929 when the City Improvement Trust board granted them a plot measuring 140×160, a sacred space where the Sree Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple would rise. Under the benevolent guidance of Sir Mirza Ismail, the then Diwan of Mysore, the temple project gained momentum.

As years passed, the Vasavi Temple and MAVS grew hand in hand, expanding their horizons to encompass spiritual, educational, social, and philanthropic activities. Their unwavering commitment to upholding traditions and nurturing cultural integrity became their hallmark. Today, as we stand before the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple, we witness the culmination of years of dedication and devotion. It stands as a testament to the power of community, faith, and the enduring spirit of the people.


The architectural splendor of the Sree Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple is a sight to behold. Inspired by the magnificent Mysore (now Mysuru) architecture, every element of this divine abode reflects a perfect blend of beauty, tradition, and spirituality.

As you step into the temple complex, you are greeted by five vimana gopurams, towering structures adorned with intricate carvings and sculptural marvels. These gopurams, reaching towards the heavens, stand as a symbol of the temple’s grandeur and spiritual significance.

At the heart of the temple stands the majestic raja gopuram, a masterpiece that commands attention with its towering presence. Its meticulously crafted motifs and ornate detailing captivate the eyes and transport you to a realm of divine serenity.

As you pass through the grand Mahadwaram, the main entrance, you enter a world of sacred sanctuaries. The inner sanctum houses the divine murti of Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari, radiating grace and compassion. The intricately carved pillars, adorned with mythical creatures and celestial beings, create an aura of mystique and reverence. The Maha Dwaram has murtis of Ganesha, Subramanya Swamy, Maha Lakshmi , Sri Maha Vishnu, Saraswathi Devi , Sree Kanteshwara swamy & Matha Vasavi .

Every nook and corner of the temple is adorned with exquisite sculptures depicting scenes from Hindu scriptures. The craftsmanship on display is a testament to the skill and devotion of the artisans who brought these stone masterpieces to life.

The temple’s architecture not only serves as a visual treat but also carries profound spiritual symbolism. Each element, from the placement of idols to the alignment of corridors, is meticulously designed to create a harmonious atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

The temple’s architecture transcends time, bridging the gap between the past and the present. It stands as a living testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the region and the enduring legacy of architectural brilliance.

Visiting the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple is not just a spiritual journey but also an exploration of the architectural marvels that have stood the test of time. Soak in the divine ambiance, marvel at the intricate details, and let the architectural grandeur transport you to a realm of transcendence.

How to Reach

Reaching the divine abode of Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple is convenient and accessible through various modes of transportation.

By Air : If you prefer air travel, the temple is just a short 30-minute drive from the international airport (KIA).

By Road : For those traveling by road, the temple is conveniently located only 2.5 kilometers away from the central Majestic Bus Station. A quick 10-minute drive will take you from the bustling city center to the tranquil surroundings of the temple, where spiritual solace awaits.

By Rail : If you prefer to travel by train, the temple is also within a 2.5-kilometer distance from the central Majestic Railway Station. Within just 10 minutes, you can embark on a serene journey from the railway station to the temple, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple is conveniently located, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable pilgrimage experience for devotees and travelers alike.

Where to Stay

Malleshwaram, the vibrant heart of Bengaluru, is home to a plethora of lodging options that cater to every traveler’s needs. Whether you seek a luxurious stay or a budget-friendly accommodation, Malleshwaram has it all. Explore the charming Malleshwaram club and its surrounding lodges, offering convenient access to the temple.

For devotees traveling in groups of 10 or more, the temple provides accommodation in its choultry. Simply inform the temple authorities in advance, and they will ensure a comfortable and hospitable stay for your group. Experience the convenience of staying close to the divine abode while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Malleshwaram.

Festivals celebrated

The Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple is a vibrant hub of festivities and celebrations throughout the year. It is during these joyous occasions that the temple truly comes alive, enveloping devotees in an aura of devotion and merriment.

Major festivals celebrated at the temple – Ugadi, Sri Ramanavami, Sri Krishna Janmastami, Sankranthi, Mahashivaratri, Vasavi Jayanthi, Dasara, Diwali, Vasavi Atmarpana Day.

Monthly festivals celebrated at the temple – Every Friday and Tuesday vishesha pooja will be performed to the Goddess and regular ritualistic sevas like unjal seva will be performed as part of daily rituals.

Prakarotsava Seva and Vishesha Maha Mangala Aarathi seva will be performed on Full Moon Day Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham and Maasa Shivarathi, Pradosha Pooja and Vishesha Thaila Abhishekam to lord shiva on half moon day will be performed.

These festivals not only offer an opportunity for spiritual upliftment but also showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region. They serve as a reminder of the deep-rooted faith and the timeless rituals that have been passed down through generations.

Visiting the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devi Temple during these festivals is a truly immersive experience, where devotees can witness the vibrant colors, hear the melodious chants, and feel the divine presence that fills the air. It is a time of celebration, devotion, and a deepening of the connection between the devotee and the divine.


Standing majestically, Goddess Vasavi Matha gazes towards the North (Uthara Mukha), radiating her divine grace upon all who seek her blessings. Alongside her, Satyanarayana Swamy Varu resides in the celestial abode of Deva Moola, while Maha Shiva reigns supreme in the mystical realm of Kubera Moola.

By undertaking a sacred ritual of performing pooja for five consecutive Fridays, devotees open the door to profound transformation and divine intervention. As they engage in this spiritual practice, it is believed that within the sacred walls of this revered abode, a powerful remedy awaits those who seek respite from business losses, delayed marriages, and legal complexities.

2006 – Maha Kumbahishekam with Holy water to newly constructed raja gopuram collected from Seven Oceans.

2009 – Tirumala Tirupathi Srinivasa Kalyanotsavam & Vasavi Bramha Ratotsavam

2012 – Vasavi Maha Mela – SaptaKalyanotsava from seven holy kshetram like Tirupathi, Bhadrachalam, Melukote, Annavaram, Sapta Mahayaga, Bramha Rathotsavam & Teppotsavam

2014 – MahaKsheerabhiskeam to Vasavi Devi with 21000 litres of Milk and later distributes to many orphanages

2016 – Ganga Aarathi in Kailasa Manasara Sarovaram. Ganga Water brought from Haridwar and Priests visited from Varanasi and performed aarathi in temple premises and witnessed by lakhs of devotees

85th year pratistapana mahotsavam is celebrated in this grand setting of Mysore palace since matha vasavi is princess and the feeling of kingdom is created

2021 – SagaraKanya Sri Vasavi – The patalalokam is created in temple and ocean is created and matha vasavi gave darshan to devotees as Asta lakshmis during this event.
KAILASA DHARBHAR – All shivaganas and Shiva Kutumba is created

2022 – Mukthiprada Nandeeshwara & – Devotees enter from lion faced set work and then perform abhiskhekam to lord shiva on shivaratri day and exit from cow faced setting.

Nagakanya Sri Vasavi – Complete temple is converted into Nagalokam


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An heritage centre of Bengaluru

Rated 5 out of 5
July 4, 2023

History of the temple dates back to 1920’s, from then till now, this place is known for its heritage and variety of functions that is conducted here.
A unique place where technology meets tradition in creating masterpiece to restore fait in public at large. Jai vasavi

Rajesh d g


Rated 5 out of 5
July 2, 2023

It gives a amazing experience to work as a volunteer in the temple and the temple with blessings of God…!


Divine experience

Rated 5 out of 5
July 2, 2023

Whenever I take darshan of God, feel energized, blessed and get peace in mind

Amogh G V

Alankara to Vasavi matha

Rated 5 out of 5
July 2, 2023

The alankara made to Vasavi matha is amazing and beautiful, it looks like the real goddess Vasavi matha came only … Super

Vasu V


Rated 5 out of 5
July 2, 2023

Excellent performance in temple

Pavan Kalyan

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